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The original Claremont was built of wooden piles of pitch pine. They lasted a number of years, but when the T-head of the pier was extended in 1912 the piles were replaced with greenheart timber.

When the Claremont was built in 1903, piers were in their heyday and no pleasure resort was complete without at least one pier. Paddle steamers used to berth at the pier three times a week, the return fare from Yarmouth being 9d.

The pier prospered in the years before the first world war, so much so that the T-piece was extended in 1912.

During the Inter-war years the Claremont was the mecca of both summer visitors and saltwater anglers. In 1940, with the Axis Forces sweeping across the Continent threating Britain, the Royal Engineers blasted a hole in the pier to stop the Luftwaffe using it as a possible landing place. The invasion threat passed and a Bailey Bridge was built over the gap and the pier became an army training area.

By 1948 the pier was abandoned because of damage caused by lack of maintenance and remained so until the following year, when it was taken over by George Studd, an actor. Mr. Studd set to work on repairing what was left of the pier and once again making it attractive to holidaymakers. By 1950 a reinforced concrete platform had been built and a pavilion was erected.

Lots of changes have taken place over the past 60 years to take into account tourist trends and ongoing tourism expectations.

The Claremont Pier now boasts modern facilities including an award winning restaurant and a family-orientated amusement arcade and luxurious casino area. The latest additions include a large wooden floored roller skating rink and a plush and contemporary multi-purpose venue. 

We are actively pursuing ways of obtaining grant funding to refurbish and restore the pier to its former glory including new pavillion buildings.

Welcome to the Claremont Pier Family Entertainment Centre.

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